Agent Jami Hammond-Christensen Seattle Real Estate Sellers Guide

Getting Started

So, you’re preparing to list your home for sale in the new post-frenzy PNW market. You’ve read the headlines and are aware the market has cooled, but still hope to achieve top dollar for your home. How do you choose the right agent to represent you and facilitate your transaction?

Simple – there are several key components that an agent should bring to the table for a successful experience:

  • Market Knowledge & Understanding
  • Realistic Expectations
  • Necessary Listing Preparations Recommendations
  • Transparent Communication
  • Solid Marketing Plan
  • Strong Representation
  • Trust

When selling your home you are partnering with your agent. It is crucial that personalities balance for effective communication. Buying and selling real estate is an intense and intimate journey. When partnering with Agent Jami, teamwork makes the optimized sale dreamwork!

Agent Jami Hammond-Christensen Seattle Real Estate Sellers Guide Objectives

Goals & Objectives

Whether you’re upgrading, downsizing, or dealing with any number of life’s transitions, understanding your financial goals and personal motivations take priority when coordinating timelines and outlining strategies. 

Once we’ve defined your goals, we plan. 

Relationships & Personality

For many, selling a home may seem straightforward, at least conceptually.  You list your home for sale and wait for an offer.  But there’s a difference between a basic “sale” and an economically optimized transaction. 

The former is passive, and the latter is active.  You need someone you can connect with, communicate with, and most of all, trust, to take an active role in the process – from start to finish – to achieve the best result. 

Your relationship with your agent makes all the difference in your experience and outcome.  And don’t forget that buyers and their agents see it from the other side.  Personality and reputation matter considerably when your listing agent is approached with an offer.

Agent Jami Hammond-Christensen Sellers Guide Reputation


As a Pacific Northwest entrepreneur of 20 years – recognized in Seattle Magazine as an esteemed Ballard business owner – backed by Windermere, the regions real estate leader in market share, network, and standards of practice, understand that your investment transactions are valued as my own.

I take abundant pride in the quality of my work, knowledge, and experience I provide each client and transaction.

I do not take lightly my responsibility to you or the opportunity to shine on your behalf and do what I do best… deliver results!


Gone are the “price-post-pray” dinosaur days of real estate sales.  If you want results, you need someone who will do the work and do it well.  Otherwise, the buyers will do it for you. 

Today, at least 95% of buyers are shopping, reviewing, and researching listings online with unprecedented access to market information, as well as details and records pertaining to your property specifically.  With so many tools at their disposal, buyers are crafting their offers intelligently and will take the driver’s seat if you’re not already in it. I customize each plan of action to the unique needs of each of my clients.

Backed by my data driven tools, networking ties, and high visibility – including a powerful social media presence – your home will be marketed to thousands of potential buyers on progressive platforms that far outshine traditional real estate sales practices.

Agent Jami Hammond-Christensen Seattle Sellers Guide Strategy
Agent Jami Hammond-Christensen Seattle Sellers Guide Marketing Plan

The Marketing Plan

The marketing plan will include an itemized list of impactful updates or changes necessary in preparing your retail-ready listing.   

This list may include, but not be limited to, such items as:

  • Roof or window replacement
  • Hot water heater or furnace replacement or service
  • Exterior or Interior paint 
  • Structural improvements
  • Interior updates
  • Move-out deep cleaning service
  • Landscaping
  • Window cleaning service
  • Chimney or septic maintenance services
  • Staging

Print, Digital & Social Media

We need to stay active with our message, just like the modern buyer in their home search. Drone imagery and video aid as tools to evoke emotion in Buyers. Professional real estate photography provides rich imagery with which to showcase your home beautifully. Well-executed digital and social media marketing are critical and essential for reaching the masses when advertising; however, your print media pieces such as flyers and brochures are equally impactful when buyers walk your home. Each piece of printed marketing material is elegantly crafted, highlighting your home’s features on dense, glossy, high-resolution, high-grade paper.

Agent Jami Hammond-Christensen Seattle Sellers Guide Print Media
Agent Jami Hammond-Christensen Seattle Sellers Guide Marketing Budget

Marketing Budget

Once a budget for preparations is set, I will work within your means to cost-effectively market your home. I have a network of vendors and contractors that serve as my sales listing team and are essential to preparing homes for list. I am more than happy to organize bids and orchestrate services. 

My strengths are displayed in the details!  As the seller, YOU are a significant element to the marketing plan.  Having lived and experienced life in your home, I will be asking questions such as, “What makes your home special?”, “What will you miss most?”, “What are your favorite nearby restaurants?”, etc.  These intimate details speak to buyers and help create a connection to the home and neighborhood.

Retail Ready

Let’s walk into a fine apparel store.  There are two tables.  On one table, the items are neatly merchandised and visually appealing; time and care have been taken to optimize the consumers’ interest. The styles follow current trends.     

Now let’s walk over to the “wholesale ready” table of merchandise, where items offered, although acceptable, are disheveled and dated.  Both tables of merchandise are priced the same.   

From which of the two tables are you more likely to make your purchase?  What would it take for you to consider purchasing items from the second table… a significant discount, maybe?    

Real estate is no different. Although we are in a strong sellers’ market where homes are guaranteed to sell when priced at a fair market value, the appeal you create when properly marketing your home can make the difference between one versus multiple offers and the strength of those offers. 

Agent Jami Hammond-Christensen Seattle Sellers Guide Retail Ready
Agent Jami Hammond-Christensen Seattle Sellers Guide Pricing


We live in the age of accessible data. Although many price estimating technology platforms such as Zillow and Redfin can be used as great tools when objectively pricing your home, they cannot be relied upon as gospel.  The Seattle housing market changes, literally, by the day. Comps, stats, and time all play a crucial and careful role when analyzing and pricing the value of your home. I approach pricing in four phases… 

  • Initial assessment 
  • Completion of “retail readiness”
  • Collective broker price opinion
  • 1 week prior to list Reading the market leading up to the listing date is imperative to capture the best fair market value for your home. 

Escalator Clause

When offers are competing in multiples, buyers may include what is called an “escalator” to the initial offer price.

An escalator is an incremental value that automatically increases the offer by X amount of dollars above the highest offer, not to exceed an indicated cap amount. Final offer price and terms are then considered, and I will explain in detail ALL elements and potential risks associated with working under the specified terms of each offer.

Agent Jami Hammond-Christensen Sellers Guide Escalator Clause
Agent Jami Hammond-Christensen Seattle Sellers Guide Open House

Open House

As your Agent, I will personally hold a Brokers’ Open, where other brokers will preview the listing for their ready and active buyers.

The following Saturday and Sunday, a public open will be held from 1-4pm.

Traffic Report

Once the listing is live, expect to receive my Traffic Report each evening detailing the level of interest for the day, including such items as:   

  • Number of broker inquiries
  • Social media previews
  • Physical walk through previews. It’s important as your listing representative to keep you abreast of all activity to maintain awareness and create a proactive environment for communication.
Agent Jami Hammond-Christensen Seattle Sellers Guide Traffic Report
Agent Jami Hammond-Christensen Seattle Sellers Guide Offers

Offers & Acceptance

Congratulations! We have an offer(s) on the table for your consideration! As your counsel, I will present and thoroughly explain all elements of the offer.

Once all terms have been agreed upon and all parties have signed, we will have entered MUTUAL ACCEPTANCE!

Here the collective team of brokers, appraiser, escrow, financing, and title work together following a very specific timeline to complete the transaction by the contracted close date. 

My duty is to ensure all elements of the offer are executed seamlessly and on schedule. Rarely, hiccups may occur. When they do, any additional communications and negotiations will be addressed immediately.


The official numbers have been transferred and recorded between title, escrow, and financing…


The success of my business relies entirely on the success and satisfaction of your transaction. I take immense pride in my work, and look forward to the opportunity to partner with you and your friends and loved ones when embarking on the home selling journey! 

Agent Jami Hammond-Christensen Seattle Sellers Guide Sold

Who is Agent Jami?

I’m Jami Hammond-Christensen, your Windermere Real Estate Broker. I’m a born NW native raised in the shadow of Mt Rainier – later to become a downtown Seattle dweller with a passion for art, music, food, and design.

I’m driven by relentless ambition, laser sharp intuition, strategy, and progression. As a designated Certified Negotiation Expert, you have a significant edge when working with me while negotiating for purchase or optimizing the sale of your property.

I work hard and dream big.

My success is measured in laughter, and I’m fortunate to share that with my husband, two wicked silly kids, friends, and colleagues.

Selling real estate complements my greatest strengths. And I’m thrilled to share them with you!